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Everyone Pays Income Taxes … Even the 47%

When Romney said that 47% of Americans don’t pay any income tax he was simply pushing one of the right-wings favorite red-meat talking points. It’s part of the divide and conquer strategy  they use to keep the base fired up and clashing with liberals. But it’s a flat out lie. Everyone that draws a paycheck on a company payroll will pay federal income taxes. You can’t get away from paying federal taxes because as we all know, federal taxes are automatically deducted from your paycheck. You can’t visit your human resources department and negotiate your way out of paying federal income taxes.

It’s true however, that the IRS will give the 47% most of their income taxes back when they file their tax returns but you can’t say they never paid. I’ll let you in a secret; the IRS is not going to send you a tax refund check if you never paid any federal taxes.  So please stop saying that 47% of Americans don’t pay income taxes because it’s simply not true. But anyway, I don’t see why Romney is raising such a fuss about people who are simply following the tax code and filing their taxes. They didn’t write the tax code. If Romney & his friends at that Boca Raton fundraiser don’t like the way the tax code is structured then they should lobby for it to be changed. But don’t hate the player hate the game.

The irony is that some high income individuals and corporations like General Electric also end up with a low tax liability. But I don’t think Romney called any of them moochers and freeloaders. It’s not as if the 47% are doing anything wrong. They’re not hiding their money in the Cayman Islands or in a Swiss bank account. They don’t hire an army of tax lawyers to dig up every loophole they can find. They don’t intentionally claim a lower charitable deduction than they’re entitled so they can meet a stump speech tax liability promise.  The 47% simply work every day and pay their income taxes. Then they file their tax returns at the end of the year. They check this box, check that box, look at a couple of charts and if the amount on line A is larger than the amount on line B, it says they overpaid and they’re due a refund.

Maybe Romney is jealous because the 47% are able to reduce their tax liability to almost zero without an army of tax lawyers. It’s obvious from that video that Romney was incensed and upset about 47% of Americans getting big tax refund checks. So there you go folks, I think we just uncovered another piece of Mitts secret tax plan. Mitt Romney wants to take back or reduce the tax refund checks sent to the 47%. So if you want to keep your tax refund, you better vote Obama-Biden 2012.


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