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30 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Should Not Be President

There are so many reasons why Mitt Romney should not be President that it’s hard to narrow it down to just thirty. You can cite his far-right radical positions during the Republican primaries or his failure to mention the troops at the RNC convention.  You can mention his knee-jerk, juvenile, and very un-presidential response to the Libyan attack. It was so bad on so many levels that it was deal breaker for most voters. Then of course we have the 47% video which gave us a glimpse inside Mitt’s soul and what we saw was blind ambition and zero compassion; pretty much what we figured, he simply confirmed it. But anyway, below are the top 30 reasons why Mitt is not fit to be our commander-in-chief.

1. His economic plan is the same Reagan and Bush trickle down strategy of tax cuts for the rich. The Bush tax cuts took the budget surplus that Clinton left and turned it into a deficit and it also ushered in the worst job creation numbers we’ve seen since in decades. Obama created more private sector jobs in 3-years than Bush created in 8-years. We know for a fact that this strategy doesn’t work so why should we go down that road again. Or I should say, why should we continue to go down that road because remember we’re still living under the Bush tax cuts. How did that work out for us? What happened to all the jobs? If tax cuts really worked as economic stimulus then they should be working now. But they’re not, so how much more evidence do we need? Tax cuts for the rich have proven to be ineffective for creating jobs and it would be insane to double-down on a strategy that we know doesn’t work.

2. Romney and Ryan want to turn Medicare into a voucher system. This is such a bad idea that it should disqualify Romney from the race. The reason we have Medicare is because it’s impossible for the elderly to get health care coverage in the private insurance market. Elderly health care costs are too high for the profit driven health care industry. So the voucher will not be enough to cover the insurance and will result in a huge out of pocket expense, if they can get coverage at all.

Some people may not know it, but the Republicans have been against Medicare and Social Security from the very start. Both programs are Democratic ideas that were criticized by the Republicans as a march towards socialism. People like Ronald Reagan even did television and radio commercials saying that Medicare was a mistake for the country and if enacted it would lead to our downfall. Of course Reagan and rest of the Republicans were on the wrong side of history and they’re on the wrong side today. So the Republicans are the last people you want in charge of fixing Medicare and Social Security. It’s like putting the fox in charge of security at the hen house. The fox was against building the hen house right from the start.  So his ideas for security probably won’t be in the hen’s best interest.

3. Mitt said it wasn’t worth moving heaven and earth and not worth the money to hunt down Bin Laden. I think those comments should disqualify Mitt from being President of the United States. It should be a deal breaker for every citizen of this country. That’s a direct slap in the face of the victims of not only 9-11 but also the victims of the numerous other terrorist attacks that Bin Laden is responsible for.  He’s killed so many people and destroyed so many lives that it was definitely worth moving heaven and earth to remove him from this earth. And if Mitt Romney doesn’t believe that, he isn’t fit to be our Commander-in-Chief.  Mitt also had the gall to say that even Jimmy Carter would have made the call to take out Bin Laden. I believe Carter would have made the call to take out Bin Laden but a Romney administration never would have had the chance. Because how could you take him out if you didn’t think it was worth the money to hunt him down? On this issue alone, it’s clear that Mitt Romney is not fit to be our President and certainly not fit to be our commander-in-chief. I think everyone realizes it, but no one wants to say it. Well I just did.

4. Romney said let GM and Chrysler go bankrupt, which at the time would have led to liquidation. Mitt knew it would have led to liquidation because he knew the credit markets were frozen; so there was no entity to take the companies into receivership and manage the bankruptcy. Mitt showed no compassion for the millions of jobs that would have been lost and had no problem sitting back and allowing a major US manufacturing sector disappear. How could someone who wants to be President, be willing to allow something like that to happen to our country? The problem with Mitt is that he’s got Bain on the brain. You can’t run a country the way he ran Bain Capital. It not just about balance sheets and cash flow, it’s about real people and families and lives. It about America’s position in the world and saving an industry that we created. Henry Ford will rest a lot easier knowing that Mitt Romney was not in charge. This issue alone should disqualify Mitt from being President.

5. Mitt is taking the 5th on his tax returns and his off-shore investments. He obviously has something to hide so he refuses to do or say anything that will lead to self-incrimination. It’s hard to say what he’s trying to hide but I figure it must be one of three things or maybe all three. One, he’s invested in a company that he doesn’t want anyone to know about. Two, maybe he’s gone several years without paying any income taxes. Three, maybe he took advantage of the IRS amnesty program back in 2009. The program allowed tax cheats that were hiding money in Swiss bank accounts to come clean and pay the back taxes and avoid prosecution. If Mitt would show his complete tax returns we could solve the mystery and put the whole thing to rest. You have to have some brass to lecture everyone on paying taxes and then refuse to release your own tax returns so people can see what you paid. When you combine the tax issue with the fact that his off-shore investments are in a blind trust, it reminds me of what the church lady from the old SNL skits used to say … “How Convennnnient”.

6. Mitt wrote off half the country with his 47% comments and he literally said he wasn’t going to worry about them. How can you aspire to be President and label half the country as lazy slackers that consider themselves victims and feel entitled to mooch off the government from cradle to grave? Mitt’s comments on the 47% gave us a glimpse into his soul and what we saw wasn’t pretty. It revealed a person totally out of touch with the working class, with zero compassion and blind ambition. It also revealed a person that didn’t have his facts straight. But then again his campaign said they would not be dictated by fact-checkers.

One group within Mitt’s 47% are young military families. Most people don’t know it but young military families with kids, when they initially join the service, qualify for food stamps.  Many of these young military families gladly accept them to help make ends meet. So under a Romney administration a service member putting his life on the line in Afghan would have to worry about his wife having a tougher time feeding their kids. This is just another example of the pattern of contempt that Romney has shown for working people.  He said let Detroit go bankrupt and be liquidated, he said let the housing market hit bottom; he also said he wasn’t concerned about the very poor, and that he likes to fire people.  Mitt Romney isn’t just out of touch with real Americans, I’m not sure that he’s ever been in touch. Or ever will be.

I think it was divine intervention that Jimmy Carter’s grandson was the one that found the 47% video. The Romney campaign had been bad mouthing the Jimmy Carter administration in a lot of crude and unfair ways. So it’s cruel irony that Jimmy Carter may play a role in destroying Romney’s run for the Whitehouse. Like they say, what goes around comes around and God still don’t like ugly.

7. Romney was against ending the war in Iraq; he called the Presidents final withdrawal of troops from Iraq “tragic”. So obviously if Romney had been President, we would still be bogged down in Iraq. Romney actually said during the primaries that he may send troops back into Iraq. We’re supposed to be out of Afghan in 2014 but we all know that the Republicans do not like to set withdrawal dates for the wars they start. Remember during the 2008 campaign Sen. Obama wanted to set a withdrawal date from Iraq but the republicans and John McCain were totally against it. So if Romney is elected, it’s possible that all the Bush neo-cons that he has surrounded himself with will cancel our withdrawal date from Afghan. So if you want to go back into Iraq and stay in Afghan then Romney is your guy.

8. Mitt protested in favor of the Vietnam War and he also protested in favor of the draft. However he ran off to France on a Mormon mission in order to dodge the draft and to avoid going to Vietnam. He had no problem doing his part to help send other kids off to war but he couldn’t bring himself to go and fight. In my book that’s lower than low. It’s one thing to protest against a war that you disagree with and refuse to go and fight. But it’s entirely different to protest in favor of the Vietnam War AND the draft and then run off to France to avoid going yourself. I don’t see how any veteran or military member could vote for Romney. This is not a man that deserves to be our commander in chief. Additionally, his five boys didn’t fall far from the tree, none of them have ever even thought about putting on a uniform. The same goes for Romney’s father and his grandfather. For the Romney men it’s all about take, take, take and bleeding the country dry; without ever risking a drop of their own blood and fight for their country. This is not the kind of family we need in the White House. They don’t represent real America.

9. The way Romney handled the attack at the Egyptian Embassy was pathetic. Everyone on both sides of the aisle panned his rambling, self-serving response. He made a ludicrous assertion that the President was sympathizing with the attackers. It was a foolish grab for political gain from an event that was still transpiring. But it wasn’t surprising because we know Mitt is a fanatical opportunist who will do anything to get to the White House. In his infamous 47% tape, he gleefully acknowledges that if an international event presented itself he would take full advantage it and exploit it to the max. This is one instance when he kept his word and his actions were very un-presidential.

10. Romney constantly lies about his positions on the issues. Exhibit A: In the second debate he said he doesn’t agree that an employer should be able to deny coverage for contraception in their employee’s health care plan. But he supports the Blount amendment which gives employers that exact authority. He told a blatant lie in front of 65 million people. I guess Romney must keep that etch-a-sketch in his back pocket and yes Tagg, I called you’re dad a liar.

11. Romney commented that he didn’t have to know that much about foreign policy because he will leave everything up to the State Dept and the military commanders on the ground. Obviously he doesn’t understand what it takes to be the commander-in-chief and this comment should disqualify him from the job.

12.The people in Massachusetts know Romney very well and they obviously can’t stand him because he’s losing Mass by over 30 points. If he did such a great job as governor then why is he losing so badly? The people in Mass had him for four years, so they know him well and we should listen.

13. Ann Romney made some kind of weird comment about it being their turn. What the heck is she talking about? There is no “turn”.  It’s just another example of how the Romney’s come across as rich and privileged and they feel like getting to White House is simply their destiny.

14. After what corporations did to America four years ago. Why would we put a CEO in charge of the country? That’s not only stupid it’s insane.

15. Mitt doesn’t hold any positions as a matter of conviction everything is simply a matter of convenience. He’s an empty suit that doesn’t know what he believes about anything. Ted Kennedy called him “multiple choice” Mitt but I call him “all of the above” Romney. 

16. Romney has no backbone. If he won’t stand up to Rush, Trump, Sununu, and the rest of lunatic fringe. How can we expect him to stand up to countries like Iran and China?

17. Romney would bring a lot of baggage with him to the White House.  People like Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, and groups like ALEC will have a seat at the table. How scary is that?

18. Corporate radicals like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson will show up at the White House to cash in their chips for the millions they spent on Romney’s campaign. Wonder what they will want for spending all that money?

19. If Romney wins, FOX News will once again become state-run media and a propaganda machine for the White House. Fox News will go back to being the cheerleading squad for every bad policy coming from a Romney administration. We remember how that worked out with the Bush-Cheney crew and it would be a nightmare to have to live through another four years of that.

20. Romney has surrounded himself with the same neo-con-men like John Bolton that got us into the war with Iraq. They will be back in business and pushing to start a war with Iran.

21. Romney will appoint Supreme Court justices that will overturn Roe v Wade.

22. The oil companies will get to keep their subsidies.

23. Republican led voter suppression goes unchecked because a Romney appointed Attorney General won’t give a damn.

24. Mitt has no humility. He can’t bring himself to apologize for anything because in his eyes he’s never wrong about anything. That’s typical of a CEO, they think they have all the brains and all the answers. Have you ever heard Mitt admit to being wrong or apologizing about anything. Look no further than his 47% statement.  He finally admitted that what he said about the 47% was wrong but he didn’t say he was wrong for saying it.

25. Mitt is lying when he says that taxes for the rich won’t go down under his tax-cut plan. Mitt’s whole life has been about hiding his true intentions in the fine print of a well written contract. He can usually get away with it, so he thinks he can get away with it again. But we’re going to catch him in a lie. If you listen closely to what he says, he promises that under his plan the proportion of income taxes that the wealthy pay will not go down. But the proportion and the actual amount of taxes paid are two different things. Right now the top 10% pay about 65% of income taxes collected. Romney’s 20% tax cut across the board would lower all taxes including the proportion that the wealthy pay. Granted they may still pay a 65% proportion of all income taxes but the amount needed to get there will be substantially less. SO no matter how Mitt tries to dress it up, it’s still a tax cut for the rich.

26. Mitt is telling a lie when he says that taxes for the rich won’t go down under his tax-cut plan. Mitt’s whole life has been about hiding his true intentions in the fine print of a well written contract. He can usually get away with it, so he thinks he can get away with it again. But we’re going to catch him in another lie. If you listen closely to what he says, he promises that under his plan the proportion of income taxes that the wealthy pay will not go down. But the proportion and the actual amount of taxes paid are two different things. Right now the top 10% pay about 65% of income taxes. Romney’s 20% tax cut would lower all taxes including the proportion that the wealthy pay. Granted they may still pay a 65% proportion of all income taxes but the amount needed to get there will be substantially less. So no matter how Mitt tries to dress it up, it’s still a tax cut for the rich.

27. Even the Republicans don’t like him. Rick Santorum, Newt, and rest of the clown act masquerading as republican primary candidates all warned us that Romney couldn’t be trusted, he has no core and he will say anything to get elected. He represents blind ambition at its worse and nothing has changed. So even though they don’t like him and don’t trust him they have no problem thrusting him into the highest office in the land. Country first my butt.

28. He signed the Grover Norquist pledge to never raise taxes under any circumstances. The pledge also prohibits cutting loopholes that would result in paying higher taxes. Signing the pledge is a disgrace and it should disqualify Romney from being president.  He’s supposed to pledge allegiance to the United States not to Grover Norquist.  I don’t see how anyone could vote for a candidate that would sign a pledge like that. Sometimes it seems as though republican voters are from another planet.

29. You can’t trust republicans in times of crisis. They’re willing to hold on to ideology until it turns into idiotology. You don’t have to look any further than the debt ceiling crisis. They were willing to block raising the debt ceiling unless the Democrats agreed to defund Planned Parenthood. They were oblivious to the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling. These are not the kind of people you want in charge of anything important and they certainly should not be in the Oval Office.

30. Paul Ryan sponsored the personhood amendment with Todd Akin which would give an embryo all the rights given to a baby outside the womb. It would basically criminalize abortion. It would also bring into question whether or not a woman could be prosecuted for doing something harmful to her unborn child. If she smokes or drinks alcohol could that be deemed an assault with a deadly weapon. Would all miscarriages have to be investigated as a possible negligent homicide? This is not a road we should be going down but it’s a path that Romney and Ryan want to take us. It’s beyond a slippery slope it’s a step right into an abyss of chaos and confusion.



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