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21 Reasons Why President Obama Should Be Relected

There are so many reasons why President Obama should be reelected that I don’t know where to start. The republicans like to parrot the stupid statement that the president doesn’t have a record to run on. But that’s just another one of the crap sandwiches they cook up in their focus groups and then repeat it over and over again until it becomes a cliché and imbedded in peoples mind. But as usual it’s just another one of their lies. Because not only can the President run on his record he can win on his record.  Below is why:

1. President Obama authorized the Navy SEALS to take out Bin Laden. Romney said it wasn’t worth moving heaven and earth or worth the money to go after one man. Bush said he didn’t know where Bin Laden was and said he didn’t care. A lot of people don’t realize that the intelligence cell that was tasked with tracking down Bin Laden had its budget cut and was down to just a couple of analysts during the waning years of the Bush administration. But when President Obama took office he made capturing or killing Bin Laden a top priority. He increased the budget and had the intelligence cell fully staffed and that’s why they were able to track him down. And that’s why President Obama deserves all the credit for taking out Bin Laden.

2. President Obama saved our auto industry. GM and Chrysler were both going down the tubes and one of the conditions for saving them was that they had them reinvent themselves. They did what the President asked and today they’re both going strong and very profitable. Millions of jobs were saved and GM is back to being the number one auto manufacturer in the world. Romney and others said let them go bankrupt.

3. President Obama saved our financial sector and kept our economy from going over a cliff. Conventional wisdom at the time was that taxpayers wouldn’t get a dime of the bailout funds back. However President Obama was determined to change that narrative. He got tough on the banks and he made sure they were not spending taxpayer money on stuff like executive bonuses and corporate jets. Consequently, they couldn’t wait to get the President out of their books; so most of the banks paid back the loans as fast as they could, with interest. So the President saved the banking system AND got the taxpayer money back. Do you really think the Republicans would have been as tough on the banks?

4. President passed a Health Care Law that will help millions of people get insurance that would otherwise be denied because of pre-existing conditions. It expanded access to free preventive services like flu shots, diabetes screenings, and mammograms for 54 million Americans. It provided 13 million people more than $1 billion in rebates for being over-charged by their insurance companies. You haven’t heard about any of the Obama-Care haters sending their insurance rebate checks back have you? Don’t hold your breath on that one. They don’t hate it that much. Everyone of those hypocrites happily chased their rebate check. Over 100 million Americans saw lifetime caps on coverage lifted, so that families have the security of knowing that their insurance will cover them when they need it most. Also 3.1 million young Americans now have health insurance because they can stay on their parent’s policy until age 26. ObamaCare is a good thing, regardless of how much the Hopeless Obama Haters (HOH’s) try to vilify it.

5. Under President Obama’s watch the stock market is up almost 7,000 points. President Obama’s economic policies such as the payroll tax cuts, free trade agreements and small business tax cuts have helped businesses thrive. Consequently, since March 2009 the stock market is up almost 7,000 points. This strong business environment has increased job security and if you own stocks, a mutual fund or a 401K, then your portfolio is also doing quite well. If the stock market had risen 7,000 points under a Republican president, all the HOH’s on Wall Street would be giddy. They would be shaking their pom poms and cheering for the home team while declaring complete economic recovery. The unemployment numbers would become a sideline issue and corporate profits would once again be the barometer for economic prosperity.

6. Under President Obama, we’ve seen over 30 straight months of job growth, adding 5.2 million private sector jobs, including 459,000 manufacturing jobs – the most growth since 1997

7. President Obama reversed the ban on federal funding for stem cell research so we’re 4-years ahead instead of 4-years behind in finding treatments and cures for things like Alzheimer’s and spinal injuries.

8. President Obama passed the Lilly Ledbetter act which guarantees equal pay for women.

9. President Obama has been a champion for women’s health issues. He believes a woman’s health care choices are personal decisions, best made with her doctor—without interference from politicians. He fought back against Republican attempts to defund Planned Parenthood. He ended the health insurance practice of charging women more than men for the same coverage. He made sure health insurance companies cover recommended preventive care like birth control, mammograms, and other cancer screenings.

10. President Obama’s economic stimulus plan created millions of jobs and saved millions more. It specifically kept teachers, fire fighters, and policemen from getting laid off in cash strapped states. The stimulus plan kept things from getting worse.

11. President Obama appointed two women on the Supreme Court and one of them is of Hispanic heritage. We need more women in positions of power in this country and the President’s Supreme Court appointments were a huge step in that direction.

12. President Obama had the Navy SEALS take out a Somali pirate and we haven’t had a US vessel hijacked since. He also had the Navy Seals rescue American hostages being held captive in Somalia.

13. President Obama put pressure on BP during the oil spill and made them come up with a $20 billion clean up fund. The amount they were liable for was a lot less than that but the President was not going to let them off the hook. He kept the pressure on them and made them cough up $20 billion. What was the Republican response? Remember, they were on the floor of Congress apologizing to BP. Rand Paul and others said the President was putting his boot on BP’s neck. I think it’s safe to say that if the Republicans had been in charge we would not have gotten a $20 billion clean up fund.

14. President Obama’s drone strikes have decimated al-Qaida. He has taken out so many al-Qaida leaders that it doesn’t even make the news anymore.

15. President Obama ended the war in Iraq. Romney said the withdrawal was tragic and the he would have left at least 10,000 troops there. Romney also said he wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

16. President Obama set a withdrawal date to get out of Afghanistan by the end 2014. And as we all know, the Republicans don’t believe in setting any withdrawal dates so if they were in charge there would be no end in sight for the Afghan War.

17. President Obama changed the federal student loan program and started loaning money directly to the students and cut the banks out of the loop. This process has saved millions of dollars that can be used to loan to students.

18. President Obama reversed the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. So gay and lesbian service members can serve our country with dignity and free from persecution. People like John McCain and Mitt Romney both said it would be detrimental to troop morale. They were both wrong.  President Obama also decided not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

19. President Obama made history when he voiced his support for gay marriage. This was a huge victory for the LGBT community.

20. President Obama has enacted numerous policies to help our veterans. Including the Joining Forces program that encouraged more than 2,000 American companies to hire or train 125,000 veterans and military spouses. This effort, combined with other policies and legislation put in place by the President, have resulted in a 20 percent decrease in veteran unemployment.

21. President Obama has restored America’s respect and influence around the world. His “Obama Doctrine” for foreign policy is a policy of engagement and mutual respect which has allowed us to gain better cooperation and commitments from our international partners. We saw the Obama Doctrine in action when the Libyan rebels overthrew the Qadaffi regime. The President organized support from our allies and most importantly from the Arab nations and we were able to take out Qadaffi without losing any American lives and at minimal cost. Now compare that to the Bush Doctrine and the invasion of Iraq. Over 5,000 US Soldiers dead and almost $2 trillion dollars spent. The Bush Doctrine was Texas style, guns blazing, my way or the highway; you’re either with us or against us foreign policy. The Bush-Cheney Doctrine destroyed our reputation and made it difficult to form international coalitions, in other words, people hated us. President Obama restored our international image and helped us regain our ability to influence foreign affairs, in other words, people like us again. And as we all remember, when George Bush left office people were throwing shoes at him.

Those are just 21 of the many reasons why President Obama should be reelected. If a Republican had been in charge they would simply run on killing Bin Laden and the stock market being up 7,000 points. Those two issues would be their whole campaign. Remember Rudy Giuliani thought he could get elected President just because he happened to be the Mayor of New York during the 9-11 attacks. Rudy figured that just because he didn’t pee in his pants and have a nervous breakdown that he should be President. But he has the nerve to say this President doesn’t have a record to run on. Give me a break. President Obama has done more than enough to justify reelection.


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