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Top 10 Questions I Would Like To Ask Mitt Romney

There are a ton of questions I would love to ask Mitt Romney. He’s been able to run a campaign full of holes and unanswered questions. The media has tried to pressure him but he’s been able to duck and dodge and run out the clock. He never showed his tax returns. He never explained his tax plan. He never laid out his foreign policy plans. Contrast that with Senator Obama when he ran against McCain. The media demanded full specific details on everything he wanted to do as president. He had to lay out a full budget. He had to give specific details on how he would handle the Middle East peace negotiations.  On the withdrawal from Iraq he had to give specifics down to how many battalions he would withdraw and how soon. It was ridiculous. But with Mitt Romney, all he had to say was, I’m going to leave foreign policy up to the State Dept and the military commanders on the ground. And everybody simply said, okay that sounds good to me. I knew there would be a double standard in the next election, but my goodness.  But here are the top 10 questions I would like to ask Mitt Romney.

1. Mitt, you made over $20 million in 2011 and almost all of it was capital gains. According to the Republicans that means you’re a job creator and you shouldn’t have to pay any income taxes. My question is how many jobs did you create in 2011?

2. Paul Ryans tax plan which would drop your tax rate to below 5% and eventually down to zero. Do you think that’s fair and how many more jobs will that help you create?

3. Who do you fear the most Rush Limbaugh or Iranian President Ahmadinejad?

4. Do you still hold the position that you would not go into a sovereign nation to go after terrorists? You also said that it wasn’t worth moving heaven and earth or spending the money to go after Bin Laden.  You also said that Senator Obama was naive for saying he would go into Pakistan, without their permission, to go after Bin Laden. Do you regret making those statements and is that still your position?

5. Follow-up to #4: Since you didn’t think it was worth the money or the effort to go after Al Qaeda #1. I guess AlQaeda #2, Zawahiri, doesn’t have anything to worry about. Would that be a safe assumption?

6. Since you claim to have extensive auto-industry experience and years of experience turning around failing companies, why didn’t you team up with your buddies at Bain Capital and step in and save GM and Chrysler? If you’re the business wonder-boy that you claim to be you should have recognized the opportunity to make some money.  And if you love this country as much as you say you do, you should have been eager to step in and help the economy. So why didn’t you contact Bain and volunteer your services as a consultant and step in and save GM and Chrysler with private money instead of sitting on the sidelines and criticizing the government for stepping in?

7. Do you regret protesting in favor or the Vietnam War and protesting in favor of the draft and then going to France to do missionary work in order to avoid going to Vietnam?

8. You seem to be very anxious and willing to launch an attack on Iran. My question is will any of your son’s be joining the military so they can join the fight. Or did they already book their flights to France?

9. You signed the Grover Norquist pledge to never raise taxes under any circumstances. You’re supposed to pledge allegiance to the flag not to Grover. Please explain how you will tackle our economic issues with one hand tied behind you back.

10. Did you take advantage of the IRS amnesty program in 2009 that gave tax cheats that were hiding money in Swiss bank accounts the opportunity to pay their back taxes and avoid prosecution?


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