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I Used To Like Donald Trump

I used to like Donald Trump. I used to read his books and listen to his audio tapes. I watched The Apprentice and I thought at one time during the 90′s that he might make a good President. Well that was then and this is now. When Trump started his stupid witch-hunt concerning President Obama’s birth certificate and questioning the Presidents college grades, he really showed us his true colors. It’s hard to believe that a man with so much business savvy would fall prey to the stupid ranting and conspiracy theories of the far right.

But I think it revealed something even more troubling about The Donald. He obviously represents that segment of our society who believes that the only successful Blacks are those that have benefited from affirmative action or some other quota program. In Trump-world Blacks don’t deserve credit for any success they attain because they really didn’t earn it. They only got there because they took something from a more deserving and a more qualified white. The only exception is when Trump actually has a hand in helping someone Black become a success. For instance, he gushed all over Kwame, one of his early Apprentice contestants. He bragged and bragged about how smart he was and how well he was doing working for him. Since Trump had a hand in making him successful, he can personally vouch for him. So if you’re Black and you’re successful, you didn’t earn it unless Trump says you earned it.

I wonder if Trump has any Blacks working in any executive positions. I’ve never seen him interacting with any Black executives whenever the media does a profile on him and his empire. They show a lot of Blacks working as cooks and cleaning ladies at his hotels or working with the grounds crew at his golf courses but those are the only Blacks I’ve ever seen working for him.

I think the problem with Trump is that he continues to cling to the absurd notion of intellectual superiority, which a lot of successful whites still subscribe to. They don’t believe that Blacks possess the mental ability to be in charge of big things. That mindset reminds me of the bathroom scene from the movie Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. In that scene Mortimer and Randolph Duke were talking about the bet they made. One of them commented about what to do about Billy Ray Valentine and the other one stated, “You’re not suggesting that we allow this company to be run by a nigger”. That was a very revealing statement and it bothers me every time I watch that movie. It reminds me of the obstacles that we as Black men face in American society. Billy Ray had generated a record amount of revenue for the company but it didn’t matter. As Black men, we have to be twice as good to get half the credit and when we do get credit it’s often diluted or written off and attributed to affirmative action or some kind of handout.

Case in point, when I was in the Air Force, Colin Powell was appointed as Joint Chief of Staff and eventually to Sec of State. I argued with a lot of white guys who asserted that Gen. Powell only got the job because he was black. Now here’s a Vietnam veteran, a career military man that has proven himself in war-time combat and strategy, he’s well spoken and more than qualified for the position. But some white guys still believed that he only got the job because he was Black. What the hell does a Black man have to do to prove himself to some people?

President Obama stabilized our financial sector and the stock market is up almost 7,000 points. He passed a historic health care law. He saved GM and Chrysler and several million jobs. He got us out of Iraq and he set a departure date from Afghan. He took out Bin Laden and decimated Al Qaida. He lifted our prestige on the international scene and restored respect for the United States. George bush left office with people throwing shoes at him. If any other President had done as much as President Obama, we would be carving his likeness into Mt. Rushmore.

I think the Trump philosophy is rooted in the notion of racial superiority. That’s why he can’t accept the fact that President Obama earned his way to Harvard; he can’t accept that President Obama is a US citizen and he can’t accept the fact that Barack Obama was able to earn the support of the American people and be elected as President of the United States. Trump is actually jealous and envious of President Obama. He probably feels like he should be president; besides, he’s a rich white guy and that’s all it used to require. So to show his contempt for the President and to satisfy his gloated ego he chases every tabloid news report and conspiracy theory in order to try and chip away at the Presidents legitimacy.

Listen, if we had a video of President Obama being born at a Hawaiian Luau on Waikiki Beach attended by NFL Pro Bowl players guest hosting an internationally televised surfing competition with Diamond Head in the background and Don Ho singing Tiny Bubbles; foolish individuals like Donald Trump still wouldn’t believe he was born in Hawaii.

Now days whenever Trump comes on television, I quickly change the channel. I can’t stand the sound of his voice and I certainly don’t want to hear whatever nonsense is going to come out of his mouth. I got rid of his books and tapes, I stopped watching The Apprentice, and I wouldn’t step foot on any of his properties and won’t spend one dime on anything he sells. I used to like Donald Trump but now days … what’s to like?


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