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The Common Sense Argument In Support ObamaCare

When it comes to ObamaCare, it’s an exercise in futility to try and debate the issue with the people in opposition. Because they’re all Hopeless Obama Haters (HOH’s) and they’re against everything the President does. So ObamaCare is just one more thing for them to be against. These are the same folks that didn’t want the President to talk to school kids about staying in school and the same folks that were cheering when Chicago lost the bid for the 2016 Olympics. So they have zero credibility when it comes to criticizing the President. I don’t give their arguments the time of day. You can’t reason with a bunch of HOH’s so why even bother.

First of all, everybody wants health insurance. So the silly argument that the mandate is forcing people to buy something they don’t want is completely false.  There isn’t one person in the U.S. that doesn’t want health insurance. Not everybody can afford it, but everybody wants it. Because who wants to get stuck with a huge medical bill and have a collection agency chasing you for the next 10 years. The republican opposition to the mandate is totally ridiculous and hypocritical. Because the mandate is the same plan that the republicans presented in opposition to Bill Clinton’s healthcare plan. Back then, the republicans said the mandate was necessary because everyone should take personal responsibility and buy health insurance. They said it wasn’t fair for people with insurance to have to carry the burden for those that didn’t have it. Well that was then and this is now. You see the pattern? You see what being a HOH does to you? You’re brain turns to oatmeal and you become so irrational that you start opposing your own ideas.

The ultimate example of stupidity was the lawsuit that the republican state attorney general’s took to the Supreme Court. Talk about HOH’s gone wild. That was so ridiculous. Can you imagine all the money they wasted on that boondoggle? And they have the nerve to talk about tort reform; when they took the most frivolous lawsuit you could imagine all the way to the Supreme Court. The citizens of those states should sue them for incompetence. Besides, who were they representing? I haven’t seen one person without health insurance complain about ObamaCare. The only people complaining are people that already have health insurance and they won’t be affected by the mandate at all. Once again, the lawsuit had nothing to do with health care or the mandate. It was simply blind opposition to an Obama policy.

We already have a socialized government-run health care system called Medicare and Medicaid. So I’m always perplexed at how the Tea Party and the rest of the HOH’s on the right always complain about how ObamaCare is pushing us towards government-run health care. Don’t these folks realize that we already have government-run health care?  It just doesn’t kick in until you turn 65 and then the government is on the hook to pay your medical bills. So isn’t it reasonable to want everyone to be as healthy as possible before they turn 65? What sense does it make to let people go their whole lives without ever getting a check-up or any kind of preventive care? And then they show up on Medicare’s doorstep a complete physical train wreck. That’s insane. That’s why Medicare is costing so much. If we did more preventive care and early detection people would be a lot healthier by the time they got on Medicare.  It makes more sense to try and detect diseases and ailments while they can still be treated. Preventive care and early detection is a lot less expensive than having to deal with the full blown issue. That’s the whole point of ObamaCare.

Look at it this way, if you were on the hook to pay your neighbor’s car repairs after he reached 100,000 miles. You would be concerned about how well he kept up the vehicle. Since it’s going to soon be your responsibility to pay for the repairs, you would want to make sure he did all the mandatory maintenance checks and kept the vehicle in good shape. If he couldn’t pay for the maintenance or the oil changes you would gladly pay for it. Because you know it would be much cheaper to pay for the periodic maintenance than to have to buy a new engine or a new transmission because of neglect. The concept behind ObamaCare is the same thing. They want to stop people from neglecting their health their whole lives and then showing up on Medicare’s doorstep a complete physical train wreck. How could anyone in the right mind be against that?


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